Pet Descripition:

Frankie is the daughter of Koda & N. She has the larger structure and sweetness of Koda (with his deep throated bark) but the fierce loyalty and protective streak from her mother comes through as well. As you can tell from her pics she is a very laid back and easy going GSD who loves to please. A chilled easy going GSD will often have their ears laid back as sign of submission and/or acceptance of the people and surroundings around them and then bring them up when on alert or when working. We kept her for our breeding program for a couple of reasons, one was purely sentimental after I saw her hike her back leg to take a leak like her mother does :-P The other and more important reason is she is a Certified Therapy Dog. There are irresponsible trainers and breeders who think Shepherds should only be bred and trained to be mean vicious protection dogs when in many cases their great intelligence and empathy is better utilized serving people as service or therapy dogs or just easy going family Shepherds. We have had several of our Shepherds go to families with disabilities where an agressive shepherd would NOT be the breeding you want. For those that want protection GSD's we have our imported lines that come from titled pedigrees.