Sabrina our beautiful white purebred german shepherd …

Wow! Talk about an intelligent smart & sassy purebred GSD! She has a luxurious white plush coat and She is eager to please and enjoys the praise and attention she gets when she understands and performs the “Jobs” we give her.
She can climb the ladder and slide down the kids slide at the playground, open doors and fetch my walking shoes, jump obstacles, “find” Mommy or Daddy and of course run and play ball and yes even find the ball when it gets lost. Oh…and how often have you seen your loyal companion and man’s best friend on the barn roof with you “helping you” while you clean out the gutters?? No, we don’t put her up there she climbs up there herself to be with me. Did I tell you she is intensely loyal and wants to be where I am? But She has a mind of her own and gets sassy with us when she thinks she knows better then us which is why GSD’s need a firm authoritative master otherwise they will actually think they know more than you!

Birth Announcement:

Sabrina & Koda

had five pups

November 6th, 2012

Ready for new homes at Christmas !