Sweet - Smart - Sassy

         At Triple S Shepherds we enjoy helping you find the perfect
German Shepherd puppy for your family!  We appreciate having "get aquainted" conversations with you!  Our goal is that every puppy from our farm will be welcomed into a loving          and caring home.

We try to have two litters of German Shepherd puppies for sale each year!  Please note:
We do provide a wait list on upcoming litters.  You may request to be on our general        non-deposit wait list. Or you may request to be on the guaranteed wait list of a particular litter with a deposit.  We reserve the rights to retain puppies for our breeding program. 

*Airline shipping available to clients who can pick-up puppies in major cities near their home.

Steps to Ownership:

  1. Call us and ask questions and we'll ask you a few, too! 
  2. Our "get aquainted" conversations with you help us to determine which puppy will be best suited for you, your family, and your needs.  When possible we also like you to meet the puppies and see if a particular one chooses you as German Shepherds are known to do.      
  3. Before coming home with you, your puppy will have a veterinary exam as well as first shots and de-worming. We will send his/her health records home with you along with other important papers.
  4. We send home a packet of the food  that your puppy is currently eating along with feeding instructions.  
  5. If no current puppies are available you may be added to our wait list.  You may inform us at this time whether you choose to be on the general wait list or the specific wait list.  The specific wait list requires a deposit of $250 to secure a puppy.