Sweet - Smart - Sassy


Triple S Shepherds is located at our family home; Horton's Farm where we raise honeybees, a huge natural garden and several pecan and fruit trees. We welcome clients to visit our farm to meet our       Triple S Shepehrd puppies and their parents! 

Key Features of Triple S German Shepherd Puppies for Sale:

Our puppies are bred to have: A clear line of health.
Intellegence and loyalty.

Our puppies are imprinted from birth acquainting key senses with human handling by:Touching the inner and outer ear in preparation for healthy ear upkeep.
Touching the nose in preparation for complete ease with human handling.
Turning the puppy on its back and rubbing its tummy in preparation for complete vet checks.
Gently rubbing the gums and mouth in preparation for good dental health upkeep.

Our puppies are prepared for good future grooming habits with:Coat brushing.
Gentle bathing.

Our puppies come to you with: First vet check.
First vaccination.

Our puppies are well socializedEach puppy is held, petted, and loved from birth to the day of placement in their new family. They are exposed  to our busy environment which encourages calm, mellow behavior with a wide age group.  Our puppies learn group and one-on-one socialization, tolerance of noise, and adaptation to the many everyday activities that happen on a farm. From six weeks on we also work on adjusting each puppy to small increments of time away from the "puppy pack" for the eventual transition to the "people pack."