Sweet - Smart - Sassy


Wk 1 - Assessment of each dog, at this point dogs that don't have the puppy/beginner knowledge may be asked to test their level and complete a private lesson(s) to get them caught up, Heeling basics

Wk 2 - Focused Heel, Sit/Down/Look with distractions

Wk 3 - Focused Heel, Stay/Place with distractions

Wk 4 - Focused Heel, Recall with distractions

Wk 5 - Focused Heel, Loose Leash Walk in pairs/Reaction to another dog

Wk 6 - Focused Heel, More proofing - really polishing here!, Supervised Separation, Trick

Wk 7 - Focused Heel, Overview of Canine Good Citizen Test and run throughs

Wk 8 - Review, test, graduation