Sweet - Smart - Sassy


"Hey! I just wanted to give y'all an update on the puppy. We brought him home last night and he did so good. The puppy slept better than me. He went to bed and only woke up twice whenever the train comes through next near to our house and he went back to sleep shortly after it left. It's kinda one of those things the longer you live around a train the more u get used to it. He woke up at 5:45 and I took him out and he used the bathroom,played,ate! He hasn't had but 1 accident in his crate and it was just pee. My daughter and I have already been having a blast.

I'm so happy with the decision we made with the puppy we got, his personality can be so spunky and playful and then be so cuddly. This is like the happiest thing that's happened to us since my kids were born.

Thanks again for everything!"


Puppy - Franz

"Thank you Triple S Shepherds for our Christmas card! Maisy loves getting her own mail. Maisy is about 10 months old and very smart and well behaved. She loves people and gets along great with our miniature dachshund. She has been a great addition to our family!"

Joshua Hayes‎

"We got our 7 month old shepherd Keno from triple s and he's amazing. My son is autistic and they are the best of friends. He is playful and love able yet protective. Keno is starting his search and rescue training today for our counties K-9 unit. This is just a little hide and seek exercise he does with my son. He finds him every time within seconds! One smart GSD!"

Jordan Williams‎

"Our Maisy is growing so fast! She is already so smart and extremely sweet!! Thanks for breeding great dogs Triple S Shepherds!"

‎Lindsey Washburn Hayes‎

"I took home Tatiana last year and she has been an awesome addition to our family! Definitely sweet, smart & sassy doggie. Her most favorite past time is playing ball"

‎DeLayna Castor Nave

"We are so happy with our new baby! Thank you for all the help leading up to picking the perfect family member! All the puppies were adorable and happy and healthy, it was almost impossible to decide. Kona has completed our family!"

‎Amanda Kester

"Great dogs. Our boy is very smart and very easy to train. Lovable to kids and family. Keno completed our family."

Jordan Williams‎

"They have amazing dogs. We got our Tatiana from them and she is more than I could ever dream of having such a smart loving addition to our family!!!"

DeLayna Castor Nave

"Amazing dogs and thoughtful, loving, quality breeders. Our Sasha was pronounced a perfect example of the breed by our vet. Its obvous these dogs come from a loving home from excellent stock."

‎Gloria Gonzalez‎